• afal2: This application uses the protein data bank (PDB) to acquire detailed structural information (amino acids interaction, distances between the ligand and the amino acids) about the interactions between a given ligand and its binding sites in different proteins. The program searches for and analyses all structures in the PDB containing this particular molecule to determine which amino acids are involved in binding.
  • mutanelec: Is a Web application for in silico generation of site-directed mutagenesis of proteins and the comparation of electrostatic potential between the wild type protein and the mutant.
  • gsp4pdb: Is a web tool that lets the users visualize, search and explore protein-ligand structural patterns inside the Protein Data Bank.
  • geomfinder: An intuitive, flexible and ligand-independent web server for detailed estimation of similarities between all pairs of 3D patterns detected in any two given protein structures.
  • 3d-pp: A web server for discovering and recognition all similar 3D amino acid patterns among a set of proteins structures (independently of their sequence similarity).

Under development: